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Want 50%-75% Off?

We believe you should be able to get discounted and FREE treatments all the time. With a membership, you get at least 25% off all the time, and the opportunity to get 50% OFF or more on every order!

We LOVE Smart Shoppers! Smart shoppers are all about getting the best treatments at the best price any time they want them.

Top Reasons to get a Membership!

  • DISCOUNTS - You will receive a discount on every order you place regardless of the size. The minimum discount is 25%, but you have the opportunity to receive 50% Off or more on every order you place!
  • FREEBIES - You'll be notified about freebies that are availableeach month if you order.
  • PERSONAL SERVICE - Be one of the first to be updated on all the newest and hottest treatments around! You will also have the opportunity to get them before anyone else! Want to place the order on the company website yourself? Sounds great! Want us to do it for you? No problem!
  • SHARE the SAVINGS...OR NOT - Share your discount with family & friends. Or better yet, they can pay retail or sale prices, and get yours for FREE!!
  • LOW, LOW MINIMUMS - You only have to order $100 once every 4 months to keep your membership.
  • FASTER DELIVERY - Having a membership means your treatments are delivered directly from the company to your front door. No middle man!
  • NO SELLING REQUIRED - You don't have to sell anything at all. You get great discounts for yourself, or share them with family & friends. But if you want to make some extra cash, there's a way to do that too!

How Much? Only $75 until 7/15!

(You'll receive more than $300 in treatments in your membership kit!)

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